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What is Bière de Femme?

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Our Story

The Biére de Femme Festival was conceived as a way to raise scholarship funds for the Pink Boots Society, which seeks to ASSIST, INSPIRE, and ENCOURAGE women and non-binary fermented/alcoholic beverage professionals through EDUCATION as well as to showcase the amazing talent of those individuals in North Carolina’s industry. Women and non-binary fermented/alcoholic beverage professionals from across the state bring specialty beverages for this festival. Several also provide educational experiences with festival goers to shine a light on Pink Boot’s pay it forward culture. 100% of the proceeds from Bière de Femme go toward scholarships for Pink Boots Society members to further their careers through education.

N.C. Chapter

Pink Boots has several chapters operating in North Carolina. Each chapter provides local educational opportunities to its members through monthly or quarterly meetings. To learn more about The Pink Boots Society, find a chapter near you, or to apply for membership please visit You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Bière de Femme Stories

PBS members share their Bière de Femme Story

"Bière de Femme was a wonderful showcase of some of North Carolina's breweries and their talented female staff. The location was intimate and unique allowing those pouring and those drinking to truly interact making the event special. Not your average beer festival, more like an experience on can not forget."
Laura Ulrich

"Being a total rookie, in addition to a young women, in the beer world has been equal parts exhilarating, terrifying, and downright intimidating. The Pink Boots Society of North Carolina's second annual Biere de Femme festival not only gave me the exceptional opportunity to showcase my first recipe ever, meet a vast array of fellow industry professionals, and to marvel in their creativity and ability; they also encouraged me to be proud of myself, my feminity, and our beautiful community of NC brewers. That community, teamed with the national PBS organization, radiate positivity, inclusivity, and passion in ways that remain unprecedented to me. I did not witness a dull moment or forced during the entirety of the event, from which I left feeling empowered, accomplished, and motivated. The confidence and knowledge I gained from the entire experience, through researching, brewing and serving my beer will remain with me for years to come. Thank you, Pink Boots Society, for organizing and hosting such a powerful and meaningful event."


-Rocky Justice (Blowing Rock)

"Bière de Femme is important because it isn’t about demonizing the industry for its lack of female employment, It’s about changing perceptions and providing an opportunity to showcase that, every day, there are many more women joining the brew game, inspiring even more young women that there’s an opportunity for them as well.​"

Rhea Lidowski

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